Thursday, February 26, 2009

The possibility of the impossible.

If you study a pattern and set out to
change the pattern with the solution
that you have conjured up is it really
a solution or just your own perception
of the solution. perception.
So how could there be any real, legitimate
solutions if not guided by a being that has
more logic than any of us could manage to

Incapable of seeing a bigger picture than
the picture I see as the biggest I am actually
unable to manipulate any situation to my liking
without it failing due to my lack of knowledge of
another factor.

The equation mind will always go in circles, because
it will never have all the variables it needs to come to
the correct answer.

That's when it rolls back into the 360 of point A and just
being alright and living. Could it really be that simple
though? Why would certain minds be capable of thinking
past the simple if there were not thoughts that needed to
be thought beyond that?

had Pandora on and the song 'It's Simple by Rose Hill Drive'
came on as I was writing. Happenstance? Hah

What thoughts could need to be thought though to find
productivity that have not already been though?

God is laughing at me right now. I just know it and I don't
blame Him.

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