Saturday, April 4, 2009


May 3rd is the day I see on the calendar that has stars noting it, circles suggesting its importance, and within that little black three lies a wealth of opportunity. Well, not really a wealth, but definitely more options than May 2nd or 1st.
On this day I will journey on with fellow journeyer [who would have thought it would be journeyer before journier][p.s. thanks little red lines for keeping me in line...wait, you can't use the same word twice in a 'p.s.'] ...fellow journeyer Aubree to the land where Mistletoe adorns doorways as the state flower, its' name is based on Choctaw Indian words for "redman", and its' children grow up to love it so much they ink themselves with its' outline- Oklahoma!

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains and waving wheat can sure smell sweet, when the wind comes right behind the rainnnn! - thank you Mr.Miller for 8th grade choir, you did so well I can sing that 6 years later. Dear ol Christina & Byron are starting a new chapter of life together there and they've asked me to help take a load. The tricky part about all this is that I have decisions.
and they have to be made
and quite soon at that

A good, fair college student has asked if she could live in our house [may-august] and I suggested she take my spot. Now, yes, that does leave me homeless, but may also be a suggestion from God to not be here anymore. So lets do some math, girl takes my spot at the beginning of May + driving out to the midwest at the beginning of May + by the time the girl is to give me my spot back our lease here is up + i've been ready to leave Nashville since He sent me back = ?
Should I stay or should I go!
Is this help from God to not be in Nashville anymore? Could it be, oh could it! That still leaves me with one problem though, Where do I go and what do I do in less than one month? If I'm already in OK do I continue on?

I could drive a bands' van, because I excel at driving [disregard the ticket I happened to acquire yesterday]. So lately I've been narrowing bands down to ones that have at least one lady along and are ministry focused. From here...may Gods' will be done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

wrong side of the tracks

Right off the bat I can list about 50 things that I either didn't learn or stopped learning about due to fear. For some reason I hadn't even thought of this fear stemming from anyone but myself until at our home group on Monday a 26 yr. old man was being broke down in this one specific area. He kept saying how angry he was with his mother for instilling this fear in him from such a young age. Got me thinking. I was taught that to be anything but the most amazing, at everything, always, was as good as failure. What? What is that? What kind of parent really lets there child think that? Oh generational curses.
No thanks, this is one I refuse to take.
He didn't know any better though. Just got pointed to the wrong side of the tracks by those dang, self righteous, southern baptists [i just asked forgiveness for judging them].

Everything I own was basically free, so if sold it would all be profit. Profit, to finance standing in front of egyptian pyramids, insignificance in the Himalayas, and epic LOTR battlefield sites first class. Hm..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fore-warning, Forewarning, Forwarning- (sp?)

Do not live with your best friend[s] if:
-They already have a boyfriend
-They do not have a boyfriend, but do have the prospect to fill such a position
-They are engaged
-or married
-Unless..they have been married for more than 4 years