Thursday, April 2, 2009

wrong side of the tracks

Right off the bat I can list about 50 things that I either didn't learn or stopped learning about due to fear. For some reason I hadn't even thought of this fear stemming from anyone but myself until at our home group on Monday a 26 yr. old man was being broke down in this one specific area. He kept saying how angry he was with his mother for instilling this fear in him from such a young age. Got me thinking. I was taught that to be anything but the most amazing, at everything, always, was as good as failure. What? What is that? What kind of parent really lets there child think that? Oh generational curses.
No thanks, this is one I refuse to take.
He didn't know any better though. Just got pointed to the wrong side of the tracks by those dang, self righteous, southern baptists [i just asked forgiveness for judging them].

Everything I own was basically free, so if sold it would all be profit. Profit, to finance standing in front of egyptian pyramids, insignificance in the Himalayas, and epic LOTR battlefield sites first class. Hm..

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